Change Graphical Login Screen to Text Base or Shell Login Screen on Linux Fedora

Configuration for GNU Linux Fedora Computer using Linux Command


     How to change graphical log in screen to text login screen / shell terminal screen., or from shell screen to graphical screen on Linux Fedora.  The answer is, change the boot up default runlevel... but where do I need to edit the default runlevel configuration... The step by step below show the configuration file that you need to edit to change the boot up runlevel so that you can make your Linux Fedora machine boot in text mode or graphical user interface GUI mode. Please note that the example below done on Linux Fedora 9 machine and the inittab configuration file, little bit different on other version of Linux Fedora.

1.  Backup the inittab configuration file that use to start Linux Fedora machine, that locate under /etc directory.  The command below copy the inittab file and name the configuration file as inittab.bak.

Backup inittab configuration file using cp command

[root@fedora ~]# cp -pr /etc/inittab /etc/inittab.bak

[root@fedora ~]#


2.  Open the configuration file inittab, using your choice of text editor....

my example use vim editor...

[root@fedora ~]# vi /etc/inittab

# inittab is only used by upstart for the default runlevel.




# System initialization is started by /etc/event.d/rcS


# Individual runlevels are started by /etc/event.d/rc[0-6]


# Ctrl-Alt-Delete is handled by /etc/event.d/control-alt-delete


# Terminal gettys (tty[1-6]) are handled by /etc/event.d/tty[1-6] and

# /etc/event.d/serial


# For information on how to write upstart event handlers, or how

# upstart works, see init(8), initctl(8), and events(5).


# Default runlevel. The runlevels used are:

# 0 - halt (Do NOT set initdefault to this)

# 1 - Single user mode

# 2 - Multiuser, without NFS (The same as 3, if you do not have networking)

# 3 - Full multiuser mode

# 4 - unused

# 5 - X11

# 6 - reboot (Do NOT set initdefault to this)



[root@fedora ~]#

Note: There is some explanation about runlevel on the inittab configuration file... read and understand them...


3.  If you using the vi editor hit ' i ' key, then find the line that display

id:3:initdefault:     <--- Text login screen... shell login screen

Change the default number 5 to number 3, to make sure the default boot up to runlevel 3 (text base/shell screen.).  Hold Shift key and hit ZZ key, to save and exit from vi editor.... learn basic vi...please

Fedora 9 text base login / shell terminal login screen


4.  If you want to get the graphical login screen GUI,  make sure the initdefault is on number 5 as example below

id:5:initdefault:  <--- Graphical screen GUI

Linux Fedora 9 graphical log in screen GNOME