Check System Hardware Information on Linux Fedora using dmidecode command

Configuration for GNU Linux Fedora Computer using Linux Command


   The dmidecode can be use to check the system hardware information on Linux Fedora 9.  The step by step command example below show on how we could use the dmidecode command to retrieve the system hardware information on Linux Fedora.

Linux command example:

/usr/sbin/dmidecode --type system

or  same as

dmidecode --type 1,12,15,23,32


The dmidecode --type system could give the output on:

1     System

12   System Configuration Options

15   System Event Log

23   System Reset

32   System Boot


The dmidecode --type system command output example:

[root@localhost ~]# dmidecode --type system

# dmidecode 2.7

SMBIOS 2.1 present.


Handle 0x0100, DMI type 1, 25 bytes.

System Information

        Manufacturer: Acer

        Product Name: M21A

        Version: 1

        Serial Number: 0000000000000001

        UUID: Not Present

        Wake-up Type: Unknown


Handle 0x0F00, DMI type 15, 51 bytes.

System Event Log

        Area Length: 2047 bytes

        Header Start Offset: 0x0000

        Header Length: 16 bytes

        Data Start Offset: 0x0010

        Access Method: Memory-mapped physical 32-bit address

        Access Address: 0x000F8A00

        Status: Valid, Invalid

        Change Token: 0x00000000

        Header Format: Type 1

        Supported Log Type Descriptors: 14

        Descriptor 1: Single-bit ECC memory error

        Data Format 1: Multiple-event system management

        Descriptor 2: Multi-bit ECC memory error

        Data Format 2: Multiple-event system management

        Descriptor 3: POST memory resize

        Data Format 3: OEM-specific

        Descriptor 4: POST error

        Data Format 4: POST results bitmap

        Descriptor 5: PCI parity error

        Data Format 5: OEM-specific

        Descriptor 6: PCI system error

        Data Format 6: OEM-specific

        Descriptor 7: System limit exceeded

        Data Format 7: System management

        Descriptor 8: System reconfigured

        Data Format 8: None

        Descriptor 9: Log area reset/cleared

        Data Format 9: None

        Descriptor 10: OEM-specific

        Data Format 10: None

        Descriptor 11: OEM-specific

        Data Format 11: None

        Descriptor 12: OEM-specific

        Data Format 12: OEM-specific

        Descriptor 13: OEM-specific

        Data Format 13: OEM-specific

        Descriptor 14: OEM-specific

        Data Format 14: None


Wrong DMI structures length: 1225 bytes announced, structures occupy 1219 bytes.

[root@localhost ~]#



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