Check type of system chassis using Linux dmidecode command

Configuration for GNU Linux Fedora Computer using Linux Command


   The command example below use the dmidecode command to check type of system chassis.  The dmidecode command below execute on Linux Fedora 9 to check the chassis use for the system.

Linux command example:

/usr/sbin/dmidecode --type chassis

or  same as

dmidecode --type 3


The dmidecode --type chassis could give the output on:

3     Chassis


The command output show the type of chassis:

Check system chassis on Linux Fedora 9

[root@localhost ~]# dmidecode --type chassis

# dmidecode 2.7

SMBIOS 2.1 present.


Handle 0x0300, DMI type 3, 13 bytes.

Chassis Information

        Manufacturer: Acer

        Type: Main Server Chassis

        Lock: Not Present

        Version: 1

        Serial Number: 0000000000000001

        Asset Tag: 0000000000000000

        Boot-up State: Unknown

        Power Supply State: Unknown

        Thermal State: Unknown

        Security Status: Unknown


Wrong DMI structures length: 1225 bytes announced, structures occupy 1219 bytes.

[root@localhost ~]#