Display Motherboard Baseboard Information On Board Device Linux Fedora dmidecode Command

Configuration for GNU Linux Fedora Computer using Linux Command


   Display motherboard or base board including on board device using dmidecode on Linux Fedora computer.  The command example below show the use of dmidecode command to display motherboard information or baseboard information including builtin onboard device information.

Linux command example:

/usr/sbin/dmidecode --type baseboard

or  same as

dmidecode --type 2,10


The dmidecode --type baseboard could give the output on:

2     Base Board

10   On Board Devices


The dmidecode --type baseboard command output example:

Display Motherboard information Baseboard information On Board Devices information

[root@localhost ~]# dmidecode --type baseboard

# dmidecode 2.7

SMBIOS 2.1 present.


Handle 0x0200, DMI type 2, 8 bytes.

Base Board Information

        Manufacturer: Acer

        Product Name: M21A

        Version: 98114-1

        Serial Number:


Handle 0x0A00, DMI type 10, 8 bytes.

On Board Device 1 Information

        Type: SCSI Controller

        Status: Enabled

        Description: On Board SCSI AIC-7896

On Board Device 2 Information

        Type: Ethernet

        Status: Enabled

        Description: INTEL SB82558B LAN


Wrong DMI structures length: 1225 bytes announced, structures occupy 1219 bytes.

[root@localhost ~]#