Disable NetworkManager Service Automatically start using ntsysv tool

Computer Configuration GNU Linux Fedora using Linux Command


   The NetworkManager is a tool for managing network connection on Linux Fedora 9, but sometimes the NetwokManager can cause conflict for other services.  The step by step example below use the ntsysv runlevel configuration tools to disable Network Manager from automatically start on boot up. 

1.  Invoke ntsysv tool:

Open ntsysv runlevel configuration tool

[root@fedora ~]# ntsysv

[root@fedora ~]#


The ntsysv tool interface display all service available and service that start on boot up of the Linux Fedora:

runlevel ntsysv configuration tool

2.  Find the NetworkManager ... The asterisk mark [*] define that the NetworkManager is enable on the system startup for current runlevel... remove the asterisk [*] mark on the NetworkManager hitting the space bar key.


3  Then use the Tab key to navigate to the OK button... and then hit the Enter key to save the runlevel configuration and exit the ntsysv tool.

runlevel configuration tools ntsysv


Note:  The ntsysv command above is executed on Linux Fedora 9 to disable Network Manager services from automatically start.



tenouk said...

thank for the info... but i think that the Fedora system need to be rebooted in order to disable the NetworkManager from automatically start... correct me if i'm wrong about this

Anonymous said...

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