Check File Size on Linux Fedora Using du Command

Computer Configuration GNU Linux Fedora using Linux Command


   On Linux, the du command usually use to estimate file space usage.  The step by step example below use the du command to check files size on Linux.  The step by step example on how to show file size below is executed on Linux Fedora 9 operating system.

The du command example below check and show all the file and directory size on current directory.

Check File Size on Linux Fedora Using du Command

[root@fedora ~]# du


4       ./Download

4       ./.gnome2_private

52      ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-data/global

12      ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-data/1

68      ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-data

12      ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-dir-data

8       ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/hosts

96      ./.tomboy/addin-db-001

8       ./.tomboy/addins

120     ./.tomboy

35576   .

[root@fedora ~]#


To view all the file size and directory size using the human readable format, the du command with -h option is use as show on example below.

Fedora Linux File size

[root@fedora ~]# du –h


4.0K    ./Download

4.0K    ./.gnome2_private

52K     ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-data/global

12K     ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-data/1

68K     ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-data

12K     ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/addin-dir-data

8.0K    ./.tomboy/addin-db-001/hosts

96K     ./.tomboy/addin-db-001

8.0K    ./.tomboy/addins

120K    ./.tomboy

35M     .

[root@fedora ~]#


To view file size on Linux, just use the du command and then the filename that you want to view as shown on example below.

Linux Check File Size

[root@fedora ~]# du -h install.log

76K     install.log

[root@fedora ~]#



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Falta um front-end (GUI) para vc realmente poder sair falando que sua distro evoluiu.