Linux Clear Screen Using clear Command on Linux Fedora 9

Computer Configuration GNU Linux Fedora using Linux Command


   On Linux, The most simple way to clear screen or to clear terminal screen is with clear command.  The command example below show step by step using the Linux clear command to clear current working terminal.  The Linux clear screen article, using clear command below is execute on Linux Fedora 9.

The example of Linux terminal screen before run the clear command.

Linux clear screen using clear command on Linux Fedora 9

|-- proc

|-- root

|-- sbin

|-- selinux

|-- srv

|-- sys

|-- tmp

|-- usr

`-- var


19 directories, 0 files

[root@fedora ~]#


The example of Linux terminal screen after run clear command to clear screen terminal.

Clear screen command to clear screen on Linux Fedora

[root@fedora ~]# clear

[root@fedora ~]#