Fedora install nmap

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Fedora install nmap... Need to scan your network port using Fedora linux? Install nmap, the best free network scanner... the command example below show how to install nmap on Fedora Linux step by step...


Download nmap. Use wget to download the nmap package to your Fedora system, but you may need to go to the nmap official web site to check the latest version nmap vailable...


1.  Check nmap version, find the latest rpm version available... http://nmap.org/dist/ 2.  Execute wget command as show below to download nmap to your Fedora Linux

[root@fedora ~]# wget http://nmap.org/dist/nmap-5.00-1.i386.rpm

Install nmap Network Scanner

Install nmap


1.  Locate the download file, on this example nmap-5.00-1.i386.rpm, and double click on the nmap-5.00-1.i386.rpm to install.


open with nautilus, and double click


2.  and then click on the install button to start install nmap


install nmap


3.  Key in root password when ask...


root password


4.  If the installation successful, you can start running nmap scanner now, happy scanning...