Linux Fedora install VMware Player

   Install VMware Player on Linux Fedora 15.  The step by step example below show the command example to install VMware Player on Linux Fedora and this example is execute on Linux Fedora 15 system.

Fedora Install VMware Player.

1.  Download VMware Player at their official site .

2.  Login on the system and open new terminal. execute su - command to have root priviledges to install software on the system.
[root@localhost Downloads]# su -

3.  Go to download directory and execute ls command to list the contents inside the download directory, and you should see the VMware Player among the list.

[root@localhost Downloads]# ls
[root@localhost Downloads]#

4.  Change permission of the file to enable the file to be execute.
[root@localhost Downloads]# chmod 777 VMware-Player-3.1.4-385536.i386.bundle
[root@localhost Downloads]#

5.  Run the VMware Player installation file (execute the file).
[root@localhost Downloads]# ./VMware-Player-3.1.4-385536.i386.bundle
Extracting VMware Installer...done.
[root@localhost Downloads]#

6.  Done... if everything goes well... you should see...

VMware Player

The installation of VMware Player was sucessful.


sanjay_arora said... does get installed. But on first run, it compiles & installs some kernel modules.

The compile gives an error & exits without running vmware player on fedora 15 at least...haven't tested on CentOS or other Linux versions.

Angelina William said...

very nice and Informative, preparing for linux Certification, wanted to learn some linux Commands,recently joined in, can anyone suggest me some books and videos.